Music Monday: Tommy february6

Tommy february6 - Lonely In Gorgeous

I LOVE this fun J-pop song!

Martin Venezky Prints

Last week, when I featured
pics of my office update,
I also mentioned my friend
and famed graphic designer
Martin Venezky. When I was
looking for links to his
work, I came across some
new prints, which I ordered
from the SFMOMA. And they've
arrived! So fun. I also
forgot to mention last week,
Martin's wonderful book,
which is a retrospective of
some of his beautiful
graphic design work:
"It Is Beautiful ... Then Gone,"
I highly recommend you pick
up a copy on

I also really love this
"Print Is Alive" poster,
which I mentioned last
week, but did not show.
I would love a copy, but
cannot afford one right
now. :(

Music Monday

This is another favorite song of mine: "Tomoko" by Hafdis Huld of Iceland (formerly of the band GusGus).


I recently painted
my office and
put up that
arty sign that
which means
in Norwegian.

To create this sign,
I bought an old book
from the thrift store
and drew the letters
on individual pages
with a marker. The
cyan letters (which
look more cyan in
person than show in
this photo) make me
really happy against
the sunny yellow

On the left is a cover of a
newspaper article I wrote
in college about the singer
Sissel from Norway,
after she'd done the
Titanic soundtrack.
I had her sign the image
when I first met her.
You can read the article here.
On the right is a poster designed
by my friend Martin Venezky.
We worked together on the
Sundance Film Festival.
My house is full of his posters.
You may buy some of his
work at the SFMOMA
or a really cool poster
from ThirdBay Letterpress.

On the left is a crafty
purse made from an old
persian rug. It used to
belong to my mother. She
found it at a thrift store
way back in the '70s.
The baby doll peeking
out was made by my sister.
On the right is a 'ryggsekk'
or Norwegian leather backpack
I got while I was living
in Norway. These leather
backpacks are amazing.
I highly recommend you get one.

Music Monday

Sissel & Espen Lind - Where The Lost Ones Go (I Will Be With You)

This is one of my all-time favorite songs. :)

The video is somewhat rare, as it was censored
from Norwegian TV and lost for many years.

Fab Find

I found this great
leather briefcase
at a local thrift
store. I'm not sure
what I'll do with it,
yet. But whatever
it is, it'l be cool. ;)
it was only $3!

Abstract Paint

I often mix my
own paint.
I'm painting an
accent wall in my
kitchen now
and opened some old
cans of paint I'd
previously mixed and
saw this on
the lid of one.
I love the abstract
paint patterns.
I'd love to paint
something like this
on a wall in future.

Springtime in the Rockies

Springtime in the Rockies.
One day 80 degrees.
That same night,
5 inches of snow.

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